LISSARA demonstrates that sustainable practices make sense. While designing LISSARA, the Partners were most concerned with minimal change to the lay of the land. To protect the forest canopy with its cooling shadows, no trees were removed unnecessarily. Roadways were designed to NCDOT "Hilly Standards" to work with the topography yet allow for safe passage of traffic and pedestrians.

Over 50 acres are reserved as common areas with streams and wetlands being protected in perpetual conservation easements. The Lake at Lissara exemplifies sustainable land use practices, preserving our natural environment for generations to come. Beginning with the careful work of the development team, the legacy will be passed on to our residents as vigilant stewards of the land.


Central to the neighborhood lies the gem of LISSARA – Lake Lissara. At 21 acres, Lake Lissara is the largest private lake built in Forsyth County in over 80 years. Three miles of shoreline are protected with natural buffers that filter stormwater runoff and preserve the wooded lakeshore. Each lakefront lot owns its respective lakeshore with easements through the buffer to access its private dock.

Boating and swimming are encouraged. Electric powered boats, row-boats, canoes and kayaks can be moored at your private dock for use at your leisure. Small sailing craft can make way when conditions smile. The depth and anticipated thermal characteristics of the lake will support a variety of sport fish which will be enthusiastically stocked by the developers.

                                                                             Lake Lissara

Through the seasoned eyes of renowned artist and naturalist Bob Timberlake and the creative hand of local architect Norman L. Zimmerman comes the revival of an Adirondack boathouse sporting the appointments of a by-gone era, the Timberlake Lodge.

At the head-waters of Lake Lissara, the wooded valley rises gently skyward; views from the extensive decks and covered porches of Timberlake Lodge reach the entire length of the lake. Fashioned from natural materials such as stone and pine timbers with heavy raftered eaves, twenty-two foot ceilings give way to a massive stone fireplace and 5 foot wide firebox. A standing-seam metal roof presents a warm appeal in concert with the poplar bark siding, timbered columns, juniper decking and mountain laurel twig-railing representative of traditional Adirondack and Appalachian architecture. Complete with a kitchen and bar, homeowners are able to host myriad private gatherings.
                                                                             Timberlake Lodge      

Enjoy the extensive network of trails and common open-space of LISSARA. Encompassing nearly two miles of trails and protected streams, 35 acres of natural areas offer encounters with nature, air of the valleys and perpetual natural preservation buffers where wildlife abounds.

For a more leisurely walk you can cruise the nearly three miles of Lissara’s picturesque roadways and ponder the views along your way.


LISSARA is dedicated to minimizing light pollution, which will help keep the sky dark and the stars bright.

The Observation Decks at the Timberlake Lodge offer an inviting setting for you to explore the stars and planets. LISSARA street light fixtures, patterned after those prepared for Bob Timberlake's Galleries,were fabricated by local craftsmen with progressive "Dark Sky" design features included to help ensure that light is directed down toward the ground rather than up into the sky.

A member of the International Dark Sky Association (IDA), LISSARA uses the IDA handbook for compliance with dark Sky Friendly lighting practices.

                                                            Dark Sky    IDSA Logo           
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